Vivek Rajanna

Vivek is an experienced engineer  in software development and IT-teams management.  Vivek worked at such companies as Samsung, Huawei, Symbian, Nokia and Sourcebits.

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Advisor, SVP Engineering

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Name Description ICO Social
University of Miami, is a serial entrepreneur that saw an opportunity in a vastly inefficient shipping market, with great overhead, complex logistics, and strict customs where large courier operators pass their inefficiencies to an end consumer
University of Miami | Finance
Kazan State University | Economics
Kazan State University | Economics, expert in business development and founder of several high-tech start-ups
Kazan State Technological University. Skills: Php, Java, C++; MySql, PostgreSql, MS SQL Server, DB 2; Redis, Mongodb; Kafka, Rabbitmq; Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity; Git, SVN.