Syed Hashim Jamal

Hashim has experience in IT sales and business development, strategic management, brand creation, specifically in verticals of People Management & Outsourcing. He has highly developed skills in managing relationship management, negotiating technical/commercial deals, sourcing new products/customers/ opportunities on a global scale all while handling a diverse range of people, products and technologies.

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Malcolm is a very experienced trader with particular interest in Forex, Indices and Crypto futures analysis and trading. He is most renown for his research and teachings on the use of Volume and Spread Analysis in trading. His famous thread on Forexfactory on this topic has over 30,000 posts. When not trading, blogging, vlogging or teaching others to trade, he directs construction operations.
Emir is a software developer and serial enterprenuer who has for years been developing automated trading systems and blockchain payment systems for institutional traders in East Europe and Asia. He has also built and delivered his self-developed, unique bulkSMS generation portals to various clients across the globe. Most recently He is the CEO of Nixarsoft among other startups which have developed various web and mobile apps as well as software for two cryptocurrency exchanges.
Rajdeepspent 11 years consulting large scale enterprises with digital adoption. He's equally involved in helping startups emulate industry leading processes. Rajdeep has worked in various leadership positions from Mentoring to sales coaching and blockchain advisory. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin and a cryptocurrency advocate on social media.
Abdul is a financial market analyst, trader and speculator in stocks, forex andmost recently, cryptocurrencies, on which he trains and advises. In addition, he is a hedge fund manager with over a decade’s experience in banking operations, credits and payment systems.
Working with Blockchain and CryptoCurrency Interacting with Clients, giving Advice on building Crypto Currency and to go for which Crypto Currency according to there requirements for best results. Assisting in Pre-ICO, ICO and Post-ICO. Crypto Exchange and Dapp Expertise with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, NEO, DASH and many more