Sung Min Jo

As CEO of M.B.I Korea, Sung Min Jo has conducted more than 1,000 consulting and education marketing programs for hospitals in Korea over the past 15 years, and conducts a Knowledge Management Seminar with the Korean Medical Association. He also runs Healthcare Business Platform as the Executive Director of the Korea Health Care Innovation Forum. He also conducts headhunting for Vietnam's Vinmec Hospital for domestic and overseas medical teams, and is the Vice President of my23Healthcare, where he is expanding the genetic testing market, and creating healthcare data ecosystem through networks with other leading domestic and foreign hospitals.

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Part of the original 1.5 generation of PR & Marketing in Korea, she has been a prominent leading figure in the PR & Marketing industry for the past 20 years. After beginning her career in PR as part of the PR divisions for the Lotte Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel in 1996, she started her own PR agency in 2001 and for the last 20 years has been providing expert PR & Marketing services to over 300 companies in various different fields. She is an expert in PR & Marketing through the vast experience she accumulated with countless companies and brands. She is also an adjunct Professor of Public Relations at Kyunghee University, and is currently the co-CEO of Hahm Shout, the top PR & Marketing company leading the 4.0 generation of PR in Korea.
As the master PM of the Alphacon Network, Ah Sung Gil has 13 years of experience as a high-end developer and maintains superior planning abilities. He is known as an expert Project Leader and a highly capable communicator for development projects. To date, he has extensive experience as a Project Manager (PM) for the SI (System Integration) projects of various government agencies and large scale corporations though the entire integration process from team building to producing output results. Until recently, he has served as CTO of Rezerch, Inc., sold in Yanolza, and as CTO of Helouka, a parking startup company, and will oversee the construction and development of the Alphacon Network. He also is currently teaching developers Development of DAPP, a block chain architecture.
Jung Soo Yoo holds a Doctoral degree from the School of Pharmacy of Chungang University and had been responsible for the introduction, development, and marketing of new drugs at multinational pharmaceutical companies for 18 years. He is currently CEO of TEI Korea and was instrumental in signing an exclusive supply contract with TEI US in 2000, and for the first time in Korea, a system has been introduced to determine the relationship between disease and human hair analysis results. More than 900 medical institutions nationwide are leveraging this hair test system, ranging from major university hospitals such as Seoul National University Hospital and Shinchon Severance Hospital to small and medium sized hospitals and medical staff. Based on these experiences, many studies are being conducted on how personalized nutrition affects genes.
Jessica Kim is the co-CEO of Hahm Shout where her main responsibilities include overall business operations and strategy input for the client consulting. Before the merger, she served as the founder and CEO of Shout Waggener Edstrom and is responsible for expanding the global business for Shout Korea through obtaining key investment from Waggener Edstrom. Prior to establishing her own PR agency in 2003, she was responsible for planning and executing the Marketing & Sales for multinational companies like Cisco Systems Korea, RedBack Networks, etc. in Korea and the APAC region. She has over 25 years of extensive experience in marketing consulting, especially within the ICT industry and has worked with over 50 different global ICT companies from Silicon Valley for entry into the Korean mark.
My23 Healthcare Director Korea University graduate Bloom Medical Center Director Korean Society for Obesity Director Korean Society for Obesity Treatment Korea Stem Cell Association Korea Stem Cell Treatment Associatio