Sergii Danilov

Education: Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (One of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine), Master's degree with honors in Electronics

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Andriy is a passionate visionary and an innovator with 22 years of experience in business and game development. Being a college dropout just like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Andriy went extra mile each day to make his dream come true.
Bohdan is a skilled and hardened professional with 15 years of experience in game development at various positions (CEO, Producer, Project Manager, Game Designer). Bohdan has a strong grasp of the industry and understands the crypto business requirements easily, and hence he is able to make sound executive decisions for each project he works on.
Oleksandr's diverse set of skills includes: Java, Unity, C#, Groovy, Scala, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linux, bash scripting, etc.
Jalal has a diverse background in game development, strategic planning and creative problem solving.
Yuriy has 10 years of experience in product launching and internet marketing