Rudolf Mauch

PhD in Law and Business Administration, BA in Marketing & Accounting. Owner of Mauch & Partners Management Consulting. Professor at the University of Economics Prague for 14 years.

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Project Role
Chief of Financials, Member of the Board

Other people

Name Description ICO Social
Ex Managing Director at Siemens AG. Ex Special Advisor to two Prime Ministers of Serbia and the state-owned utility company EPS on behalf of the German Government (BMWI).
Ex CMO, Intel. Area Biz Manager at HCL Technologies.
President at Reynolds Electric (AZ, USA).
President & CEO of 11 different companies. Companies in industries such as automotive, power plants, generators, boats, stationery, trading, cryptocurrency, plus more. Enterpreneur in South Korea for more than 25 years.
Entrepreneur since age 10. One of the first in Asia to self-learn Flash and Actionscript. IBM-SAP-PwC Ministry of Defence ESPO Project. From humble beginnings, made his first's $1'M at age 27. First team of 8-strong employees at age 24 Pre-invented, Foresaw and/or invested into Youtube, Uber Eats, Bitcoin @$200, Ethereum @ $8, and many more.