Roland Schwinn

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Cheerleading Inclusivity | Council member of Infocorp Foundation
FenBuShi Capital, Founding Partner
CEO and Co-Founder, InfoCorp Technologies Pte Ltd
Maxi is a seasoned blockchain developer with more than 10 successful projects executed, including Bitsign -the platform trusted by some of the largest retailers to protect transactions using the blockchain-, Cryptologic, Bitcharts, and more. With more than 15 years in security, encryption applications and software development experience, Max brings an unique skill set for rapid software development. -Founder at Cryptologic and Global Softworks -Blockchain community contributor, with several Blockchain projects on Github
Bernardo is one of the most acknowledged legal counsels in the areas of finance and blockchain in LatAm. Founder at Cryptologic, Bernardo held several senior partner position at major law firms -Legal Officer at Infocorp Technologies -Partner at F&A Legal -Professor, Chair, Commercial Law at UNR