Robert Olsen

A serial entrepreneur, true digital nomad and super networker, Rob has been a crypto investor and blockchain evangelist since 2012.

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Prior to discovering Bitcoin in 2011, Dan helped develop the software required to securely deploy NFC based payments in mobile phones. He has previously built, run and exited 3 successful software startups.
A serial entrepreneur, Piers started in Blockchain by experimenting with creating insurance smart contracts that could operate without the need for a carrier in early 2015. He co-founded Surematics, a YCombinator S'17 company, helping to create the world's first decentralised dataroom.
An expert in physics, cryptography and software development, Steve set up the first transatlantic private encrypted internet, helped develop SSLEAY, ported openSSL to run on mobile platforms using asynchronous sockets, and wrote the firmware for encrypted mesh routers for the ‘MoD.
A seasoned marketer who founded Hunter & Bard and has been an Acting CMO to several high growth startups, Shira uses her extensive experience and skillset to help build successful companies.
Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Fintech | Innovation | Machine Learning | AI