Rafaela Gaibor

Mechanical engineer in energy and control.

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Innovator by conviction, serial entrepreneur, business architect and generator of new ideas, Ernesto is the founder and current CEO of Kruger Corporation, a company enabling the 4th industrial revolution, with operations in Europe, South and North America.
Ricardo has more than 30 years of experience at senior positions from both public and private sectors organizations with a particular interest in new technologies.
6 years’ experience in innovative companies from various sectors, from technology, ecology to finance.
Arturo Muñoz is Co-Founder of Criptonetwork, a company that provides with training for cryptocurrency investors and teaches people about Blockchain Technology. Criptonetwork is now a growing community with more of 15.000 members. He is also a founding partner and operator for the technological project PlatiniumTech and co-author of the book "Bitcoin: How to Value Cryptocurrencies and Invest in the Best: Unpublished Secrets".
Following her training at the Polytechnic School of Ecuador, Carina undertook various entrepreneurial projects and managed different local companies.