Nick Fujita

Nick is a City of Zion contributor, and Senior Software Engineer at Crunchyroll.

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Peter is a serial entrepreneur, having founded an array of companies and brands. His main skills lie in marketing and branding, with many years of experience conducting business in China, delegating roles, establishing targets and working within extremely tight timelines.
Eman’s focus is in app-building on Android and IOS, including co-building games on Android with local development studios.
Haoyang started coding since early teens and have been involved in a large number of startups, Haoyang is a tech generalist who’s deeply familiar with engineering, design, business development, and how everything can be aligned with good product management.
Stuart is the 5th employee of Oracle. He was originally offered the position of Co-Founder by Larry Ellison, however Stuart was only interested in programming, rather than business. Stuart has extremely profound knowledge of the tech world and programming fundamentals. Today Stuart sits as the chairman of Northstar Investors.
Richard could be considered as one of New Zealand’s most prominent social entrepreneurs. He has extensive experience with start-ups of all sorts, predominantly in networks, connecting businesses, setting up channels and more. He is the chairman of Alexanders, a brand with over 100 years of history.