Michael Marchenko

Head of the laboratory of stochastic analysis Institute of Computational Mathematics Novosibirsk.(2018) Professor. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (2017) Cambridge University, UK, researcher (2003-2004). Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin, Germany, researcher (2005). University of Pisa, Italy, researcher (2006, 2007).

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Head of computer science

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Andrey - expert in Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Andrey mathematic in Sobolev institute of mathematics Novosibirsk. Together with his teachers, Goncharov S.S. academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and professor Sviridenko D.I. proved a number of results on semantic programming, which became the basis for verified smart contracts.
Expert in MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DAP, Linux/Windows servers. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in SQL Server Data Platform area, also have skills in other RDBMS products as well (such as MySQL, ORACLE). As a system administrator, have experience with VMware ESX and Windows/Linux servers, shell and vb scripting.
Graduated from the School of International Relations. Freely speaks several languages: Russian, English, Italian, Chinese.
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Dmitry Ivanovich together with Academicians Y. Yershov and S. Goncharov was awarded a prestigious prize of the Soviet Academy of Science for inventing the Theory of Semantic Modelling/Programming in 1987. Dmitry combines work at the Novosibirsk State University and the Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. His area of expertise is the Theory of Semantic Programming applied to semantic smart bargains and contracts
Founder at CryptoAdvisors.io