Maximiliano Canellas

Maxi is a seasoned blockchain developer with more than 10 successful projects executed, including Bitsign -the platform trusted by some of the largest retailers to protect transactions using the blockchain-, Cryptologic, Bitcharts, and more. With more than 15 years in security, encryption applications and software development experience, Max brings an unique skill set for rapid software development. -Founder at Cryptologic and Global Softworks -Blockchain community contributor, with several Blockchain projects on Github

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Blockchain Development Lead
Chief Technology Officer

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Recipient of the MIT Innovators Under 35, the Endeavor High-Impact Entrepreneur and the TOYP (The Outstanding Young Person of the World) awards, Pablo holds an impressive track record founding and growing companies such as Bluesmart, Gone, Goodpeople and others. Considered a “Fintech Guru“, his experience in finance is extensive, holding senior positions at banks, stock brokers and the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. -Companies invested by Mastercard, Silicon Valley Bank, Draper Cygnus VC, and other top Venture Capital firms. Led the acquisition of Y-Combinator Backed Yardsale and Tiger Global, the Amazon of LatAm. -Held leadership positions at stock brokerage firms and Latin American Stock Exchange (BCBA) -Techstars and 500 Startups Graduate -MBA at Hult International. MsC in Finance
Janes has extensive experience managing and growing investment operations globally. Holding a Hult International MBA, and a Florida International University Masters in Finance, he has a solid background in finance and sales for global ventures: -Senior Partner at Cochesa Investments, a Private Equity and Venture firm, with a strong operational involvement in portfolio companies. -Held senior sales and business development roles at multi-million dollar sales operations in three countries
Former UBS, World Bank Group, CFO Zeppelin Solutions.
Nic holds extensive experience in partnerships and Business Development. He started his career as a consultant as consultant for Deloitte Consulting, helping Fortune 500 companies achieve their strategic goals. Then he founded Appstars, a leading mobile studio in LatAm, and Relayer, a software solutions company helping corporates and startups. Named “Global Mobile Innovator“ by Worldwide Investor Networks, he's a Techstars (#1 Startup accelerator) graduate. His previous companies received investment from Silicon Valley Bank, Draper Cygnus, Mastercard, and other renowned Venture Capital Funds. He's currently the CEO of, the first API open layer on top of a fully-licensed bank with financial origination. -Executed several software projects, leading technical and business teams, for venture-backed startups and corporations, including a leading electronics reCommerce company in the US and banks. -Executed partnerships with large corporates for previous startups, including the #1 carrier in the US, and led the acquisition of startups such as Y Combinator-backed FOBO. -Speaker at Consero Forum, Worldwide Investors Network, Innova, NXTP, Austin Startup Crawl and other conferences.
Gaston brings more than 10 years experience developing software and managing large software development teams for MCDG, a software development firm engaged with innovative startups and corporations. -Executed software projects for corporates such as Walmart, Carrefour, Coca Cola, and several others in Retail, Real Estate and Finance. -Led the technical team in charge of the development of the new, the largest financial information site in LatAm