Matjaž Aberšek

Matjaž is a Court-certified Expert for Innovations, a President of Innovation Commission at Slovenian Chamber of Commerce - Regional Chamber Koroška. He has experience and knowledge in automotive business from his previous positions at Johnson Controls – Head of innovations, at Bosch Siemens - Director of Quality Management and has a deep understanding of Six Sigma and Lean Management from 6 sigma Academy, Brussels. He was one of the first five people in Slovenia entitled a “Black belt”.

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Aljoša has more than 15 years of experience with custom application development for hospitals and medium and small businesess. In his professional career he has worked in various R&D projects in the fields of business support, rural development, internal bank logistics, RFID for automotive industry, HACCP monitoring and custom IT solutions for business optimisation.
Grigorii is Businessman and several entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience from Engineering and social projects consulting.