Mario Cesar

Businessman, investor, speaker and pastor of a Christian church.

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Postgraduate in criminal proficiency. Businessman in the automobile business. Founder of MEDIALCONSULTA. 
She began her career in 1999, undertaking with her first company of disposable diapers and since then is always in search of personal and professional growth. She went through the financial area, from 2005 to 2009, as financial director of Casacred. Then she founded Webcria, a company in which she is CEO. Flipgo's MVP started in 2015 and today is the company's flagship product with more than 100,000 active users. At the end of 2017, she began investing in crypto-coins and plunged headlong into this new world.
Entrepreneur, businessman and investor. Graduated in law and data processing. Network and IT manager having worked in the ​​IT area in front of large agribusiness companies. A lover of technology and passionate about revolutionary ideas.
Started his carreer as a designer in 1994. In his professional journey, worked in publicity agencies, publishers and Educational Institutions. SPECIALTIES: Digital marketing; Strategic management; Project management; Google AdWords; Google Analytics; and Business Intelligence.
She worked in the financial market as a financial manager in one of the largest textile machinery manufacturers in the country. Graduated in financial management and follower of the financial market focused on crypto-coins, since the emergence of bitcoin.