Maksim Kuzmin

Maksim graduated from the Economic and Law Faculty with a Master of Law degree and has more than years experience in jurisprudence and finance. He also has a Diploma in Performance Management by The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), London. From 2012, Maksim has specialized intax consulting working in a large energy holding company. He has experience in structuring international transactions, international taxation and developing risk management systems. Recently, Maksim has become actively interested in blockchain technology and in providing private consulting in economic, finance and law aspects of the blockchain projects.  

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Master of Information Technology from Riga Technical University and the author of several publications related to the field of IT project management. Arturs has more than eight years of experience of working in the IT industry, including management of IT projects, system analysis and development of high system loads. Arturs has participated in the development and management of more than 75 projects. He also specializes in software development (full-stack WEB development). For the last two years, Arturs has been the CEO of a Latvian IT company “CUNAMI WEB”, where he has gained key experience in the interaction with blockchain technologies.
Elvijs is a software Engineer with more than five years of experience in commercial development. Elvijs has strong experience in IT and in Technical Sciences. He has been involved in a variety of software projects dealing with payment processing, payment gateways, Bitcoin payments (bitpay integration)/blockchain and cryptocurrency integration. Elvijs is a full-stack developer familiar with Solidity, C#, PHP 5-7, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, OOP Design Patterns, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Laravel 5, Git, SVN, C and PIC Microcontrollers and many more related technologies. Now Elvijs specializes in decentralized solutions using the Ethereum platform and web3 technologies to connect blockchain to the real world.  
CCO and public relations specialist, Bachelor of Humanities in Finno-Ugric Studies. Karolina’s extensive experience in product branding and marketing, as well as her skills in project management, has helped many of her customers gain recognition and popularity all over the world. Now Karolina is working with clients from Latvia, Germany, Finland and Russia.
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