Ma Hua

Ma Hua served as a Tencent consultant from 2010-2011. Having worked as Vice President at Avex China and Vice President at Media Asia China, Hong Kong's largest exchange-listed production firm, he currently serves as Vice President at HLCG, a major Chinese movie distribution firm, giving him a career with experience as Vice President at multiple listed firms. With his deep understanding of the event, consulting and digital marketing fields, he is involved in the production of virtual currency partnerships.

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Serial Entrepreneur|FinTech ICO Cryptocurrency Blockchains|Investor|Business Advisor|Private Equity|Startup Fundraising
In 2001, Hideki Tamaki served as a founding member and director of a company that developed RFID solution and online payment system.He also engaged in EC system of a major communication mobile carrier company, the account settlement agent system of online credit card and the marketing related to RFID card, etc. His company was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in 2007. Afterwards, he experienced the field of finance based in Hong Kong and Macau, and took up a post as CEO of HongKong Sky King International Investment Ltd that is a vendor of block chain payment solutions in 2018.
A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With around 10 years of experience in the development of financial technology libraries in C++, Python, Java, R, Fortran 95/77 and Perl, 10 and a half years of experience developing commercial software in a team management role and over 20 years of experience in scientific and academic software development, he also has a Ph.D. in astronomy as well as a bachelor's degree in physics acquired through educational software development at MIT.
Riku founded H2O Inc. In Japan in 2014 and is responsible for growth strategies for a wide variety of listed firms. In 2015, he founded Jolie & Co., which created a dating app and was bought out. In 2016, he founded Holistic Style Book, which is engaged in high-end media creation and boasts a significant presence in its field. He also has deep knowledge and experience in digital solutions and marketing, including with blockchain technology and ICOs, as well as a wide variety of experience with web application development, PR strategy and system development. 
He is an engineer who writes the code.For about 20 years, he involved with R&D in the field of healthcare, finance and distribution in each country. He also served as CEO and director of a listed company as managing director and manager. Recently, he has been engaged in R&D in the sector of quantum computers, big data and block chain. He also works on the development of unique services and consulting of a major financial group etc.