Kaz Ohmae

Started corporate banking career at major Japanese banks, Kaz has been involved in FinTech businesses for more than 15 years, ranging from online bank to p2p lending/crowdfunding. Kaz’ focus primarily right now are consulting for FinTech startups and big companies, investment in the startups, and developing a new service around FinTech areas. Long time speaker/writer on p2p lending/crowdfunding.

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Graduated from Teikyo University with Economics major. Studied abroad in England and London during high school. Participated from the establishment of venture-based publisher, Resonance Publishing (present Resonance) while in college and involved in the planning of books and magazines. Worked as a producer of “Jammi’n Project”, which is a mixed media of magazines, Internet and radio. Attracted 30 magazine publishing companies and 350 apparel shops around the Shibuya-Harajuku area to the online shop. After becoming independent and working in the food industry, he established an apparel brand called BURNER in 2004. Developed select shops in Japan and overseas. Opened directly managed stores in Harajuku, Shinjuku, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Started an e-commerce website in ZOZOTOWN. Was selected as one of the 100 people of the next generation to create the Japan’s fashion industry future in Senken Shimbun Newspapers. Sold his business in 2016 and convinced through his experience that even food and the apparel industry can promote through the media utilizing its industrial nature.
While attending Gakushuin University studying French Literature, he was attracted by the joy of close communication with the customers. He joined T.U.B associates Inc., a venture food and beverage company. He was an area manager, product development director and marketing director, aiming to achieve a hybrid management style utilizing the benefits of an independent restaurant and the efficiency of a chain restaurant. He then noticed the future possibility of an online marketing while working on attracting customers using Gurunavi and Tabelog. He became in charge of marketing in various companies such as staffing agencies, educational affiliates, English conversation schools, manufacturers as well as apparel companies. At an apparel manufacturer in particular, he handled the management of the e-commerce website.
Graduated from Sophia University. Joined Kodansha Co., Ltd. Edited various types of books, including million selling books such as “Forrest Gump”. After becoming independent, he continued to edit, write, and produce multiple best selling products at publishing firms including Sanctuary Books and others. Having launched a number of venture publishing companies, he has been active in production and consulting in the field of web, mobile, media, video, stage, advertising, events, artist management, restaurant management, corporate branding, space production, and town revitalization. Currently, he is engaged in concept making, scenario writing, producing and consulting.
B.A. School of Law, Tokyo University. Registered as a lawyer since 2004. Active in M&A, company legal consulting, and litigation cases as well as corporate revitalization projects.
M.A. in Law, School of Law, Chiba University. B.A. , School of Law, Tokyo University. Registered as a lawyer since 2014. Active in financial trust and inheritance mainly. Working for cooperate legal advising and dealing with litigation cases.