Jongho Kim

Jongho holds B.A. in Mathematics and M.A. in Media and Communications from Sogang University. He is a payments specialist who has been in charge of payments business ever since the first generation of dotcom industry.

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Director at Payletter

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Graduated from Yonsei University’s Department of Computer Sciences, Woong-kyum began his career as a software engineer in 1999 focusing on mass-storage servers and games.
Jin-hwan is a software engineer with dual degrees in business administration and computer sciences from Seoul National University.
Jay is a business development veteran in game industry since 2005. His main area is go-to-market strategy, strategic partnership and game publishing. At Gala-Net, Inc. (, as a Senior Director of Business Development, he led business development team in U.S.A. and South America publishing team.
Hyun-seok entered the startup scene in his early 20’s as a visual design student at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.
Yeon-woo is a developer and businessman graduated from University of Seoul’s Department of Civil Engineering