Jon Marshall

Product designer with 20+ years experience in consumer electronics. Jon has worked on some of the world’s most innovative and successful products for families and children, like the Kano Computer, Kano Pixel Kit and, amongst other things, the London 2012 Olympic torch. Jon is also a partner at Pentagram Design.

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Founder & Chief Experience Officer

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Forbes 30 Under 30 2017 Alumni, and Red Dot Award winning designer and technologist focused on family-tech and education. Co-founder of Primo, and creator of award-winning, Montessori-approved Cubetto, a coding toy sold in 100+ countries.
10+ years across operations, design, strategy and innovation. Adam spent time at Native & Method Inc, leading world-class teams delivering product, service and strategy programmes for Bowers & Wilkins, The Economist, VEON, and Nordic tech leader EVRY.
Senior technology executive with 20+ years experience in dev. ops and systems engineering, Cat was Head of Technology at Finalogic and Tribe & Sapient, and a software engineer at ABN Amro, Betfair and Endemol Digital Media.
Hugo has been developing hardware and firmware for some of the world’s most exciting projects, for companies like NASA, Google and Primo. He is also the founder of Iota Technology in London, and a keen contributor to the open source community
20+ years experience enabling growth for global FTSE-listed businesses like TelecityGroup (from IPO to $3bn acquisition), and scale-ups such as Emailvision, PrestaShop, HiPay and Qubit. Co-founder of two times Transform Awards winning agency Structure.