Jijun Ye

Jijun has been a CEO for multiple IT and Solar Energy companies in the past 25 years.

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Steven has rich experience in funding renewable energy development and commercial real estate. He was previously the director of investment of one of the top private investment company in the US. As an early seeker of the blockchain technology. Steven has great investment and research experience in the field of blockchain-based technology. Steven obtained his master’s degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Dallas.
Antonio worked for Applied Materials, and was founder of a Silicon Valley startup.
Fei was tech lead in Uber, Luxe and some other startups in Silicon Valley. He has 10+ years software development experience in sharing economics, e-commerce, mobile gaming and console gaming industries. Fei obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.
Ethan was Co-founder and CTO of Yinicsoft company. He is committer of the Apache Software Foundation. Ethan also worked for Salesforce as a Sr. Engineer.
Derrick has 10 years of experience in market development and operation in Korea. He served as assistant to President of China Super Wei group and director of Korean market operations. In the past three years, he participated in the market operation in the blockchain field, especially is familiar with the relevant industry and policies of the South Korea blockchain and virtual currency. He has a bachelor’s degree in Japanese from the Kyung Hee University and a master’s degree in international economics and trade.