Jeff Lander

Jeff is a game technology leader with a strong background in creating custom systems, engines, and teams for game projects.  Focused on high end PC and console titles with an emphasis on character interaction and gameplay. Jeff  is currently developing high quality character experiences in room space VR on the Vive and Oculus as well as AR technology and real-world gaming on mobile. Jeff is also developing a Daydream original IP launch title. Jeff is interested in technology development, outreach, and education through the Game-Tech project he founded. Specialties: Gameplay, Graphics, Animation, Dynamics, AI, and technical game systems.

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David is an Auckland-based company director and founder of ​Games R Us Ltd​  at the age of 17. David’s business extended into global projects with Retail Management Group Ltd, launching brands over several continents setting up international offices and distribution centres for electronics, skincare, food and beverage products. Both businesses have earned him Finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 and 2008, the 2016 Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce award, and Taipei Young Entrepreneur of the year. Equally as prestigious, David’s company was ranked 12th in 2014 “Deloitte Fast 50 growing companies“.
Dan co-founded a variety of startups, including a web agency servicing international clients, such as Hasbro, and The Red Cross. Dan’s previous successful exit was a US media company, he co-founded, which gained millions of social followers and an equal number of monthly pageviews. He entered the cryptocurrency space in early 2016 and quickly became passionate about the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution and has since been deeply involved with the crypto-world.
Joseph is an Australian entrepreneur who began his journey at a young age, starting his first business at 18 years old. He later went on to become a leading account executive within international corporations focused on the stock market, cloud technology, health and lifestyle automation. Joseph now owns multiple businesses and has been involved in Blockchain since 2016.
Mikel has over 15 years of experience in leading technical teams. With a focus on intellectual property Mikel has used both AI and Blockchain to solve major problems. He has led teams in the Blockchain Advisory department of KPMG, universities and AI firms, and has a keen eye for innovation. In his spare time he has developed cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, multiple other DApps, and has his doctorate in philosophy.
Jonty is an investor in thirty early-stage companies out of his venture fund, Fantail Ventures and works at Silicon Valley based data and analytics firm Palantir Technologies. Previously, Jonty helped establish Macquarie Bank in New Zealand, co-founded a media business in China, co-founded technology businesses in the UK and USA and worked for DoubleClick and Google.