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Grant Webster is a seasoned product manager and growth strategist. He started building his first web applications when he was twelve years old for fun and began hiring a team and building a thriving software development company focused on web / mobile user experience while he was still in college studying history at Thomas Edison State College. Grant has helped many companies create and bring new software products to market and scale them rapidly with experience globalizing products in Asia and Latin America. When he’s not working Grant loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, reading history, and trail running or obstacle course racing.

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Ivan Ravlich studied Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Auckland where he developed a novel method of producing titanium and new types of ceramic body armor. He pursued his masters in aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford, where he designed, built, and tested hybrid rockets. Ivan has worked for several startups, notably AdAstra, a plasma rocket startup and LanzaTech, a alternative fuel startup. His PhD research at Stanford focused on advanced space propulsion from magnetoplasma rockets to extended theories of gravity. Over the course of his career, Ivan realized that computing power is the driving force for innovation; and is an extremely limited resource. Passionate about public good, Ivan hopes to bring affordable compute power to the masses to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Ivan is the lead singer of our band, literally and figuratively. A true renaissance man, Ivan also plays the French horn and enjoys ballroom dancing.
Todd Chapman was awarded a Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowship in Stanford’s Aeronautics and Astronautics department, where his Ph.D. thesis centered on nonlinear model order reduction methods, a field that has the potential to do for engineering optimization and design what machine learning has done for big data. Problems he has worked on include the simulation of planetary atmospheres in support of NASA’s Cassini mission and underbody blast modeling in cooperation with TARDEC. Todd’s current research interests are in fault-tolerant algorithms for distributed and exascale computing and applying optimal control methods for training stabilized neural network architectures. Todd enjoys collecting first editions and eventually getting around to reading them.
Daniel Maren studied computer science at Stanford University. He founded a solar power electronics company, Dragonfly Systems, which was acquired by SunPower Corporation in 2014. Daniel remains an advisor to SunPower, guiding solar and storage product efforts and international business development. An expert in international infrastructure development, finance, and energy, he is a Forbes 30 under 30 award recipient. Previously, he architected a biofuels program for Indonesian farmers, who struggle with seed and equipment financing. When he isn’t innovating, Daniel enjoys dancing the Lindy Hop.
Ashley Scorpio is a seasoned digital strategist and experienced political aide. For several years Ashley worked on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada; for the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Parliamentary Secretary for International Trade, and several other key Members of Parliament. Over the course of her political career, Ashley advised on policy while implementing objectives, strategies, and operations; consulted on political campaigns, and provided digital strategy and community management for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mrs. Laureen Harper, and the biggest political party in the country. Outside of politics, Ashley has worked with a variety of brands, organizations, startups, and personalities through her own consultancy and at a performance digital agency to build and grow their digital presence. A third culture kid, Ashley has lived in three countries and two states so far. She enjoys exploring new places, eating anything and everything, and hiking with her dog.
Christopher Hansen studied electrical engineering and computer science at Stanford University. After completing his Master’s degree, he joined NVIDIA to work on their next generation GPU technology. Drawing upon this experience, in addition to previous work at Facebook and Twitter, Christopher works on the cutting edge of the infrastructure that powers machine learning and HPC. With his knowledge of traditional data center design and its limitations, Christopher is excited to explore the future of decentralized compute. In his free time, Christopher enjoys practicing French horn and collecting obscure musical instruments, some of which he eventually learns to play.