Evan Kirstel

Co-Founder & CD Evangelist at EviraHealth and Advisor at UCStrategies.com. Worked for Sonus, Hookflash Inc., Penguin Strategies.

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Public Relations Director

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Name Description ICO Social
Founder & CEO of  Gelox Gems LLC, Co-Founder and CIO of deethermo ICO. Co-Founder of mining company in Botswana. 5 years in diamond business. 
Serial entrepreneur, 7 years in venture investments, blockchain enthusiast, crypto investor. ICO Advisor at deethermo ICO, CAO at re:factor ICO
Cryptoinvestor. Founder of ANETSIS.Net and PromoGan AG, Founder & CEO GE-CIX and deethermo ICO. 30 years in innovative IT business.
Venture investor and serial IT entrepreneur. 5 years in business. IT developer and advisor in different Blockchain projects.
Founder & CEO of Arenas Lab. Lead international projects. Former of  design and image of some well-known brands. Design is in his blood.