Emerson Santos

Graduated with a double bachelor degree in banking finance and economics in 1989. Pursued MBA in corporate finance and graduated in 1995 from University of Hull, UK. Worked with Citibank NYC as assistant to VP of loan department from 1989 – 1993 and started a career in Singapore with an MNC group based from the US as director of their floor covering division. Formulating strategies on how to expand their operation in U.S. and Europe. The whole portfolio is more than $35 million. He set up his own company in 2003 selling floor covering to both US and Europe. In a span of 12 years, he is now handling a portfolio worth over $15 million. He is still the CEO of this company up to present.

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Lim is a business coach with more than 20 years of experience in business consulting, sales and marketing. He has trained entrepreneurs, salespeople, professionals, CEOs and business owners from US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and in the Philippines. He offers expert knowledge & guidance to companies to create effective business models that work successful marketing strategies. Founder of RBG Philippines Inc., Realty Beacon Philippines Inc. and Realty Beacon Pte Ltd, property investment companies making waves in the Philippines and Singapore.
Chiew is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in the real estate industry and has invested in properties in Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and the Philippines. A former corporate banker with Standard Chartered Bank, he found his passion for real estate during his time in the bank and bought his first investment property at the age of 26. He was actively providing portfolio advisory and has been focused on the Philippines real estate market for the last 5 years and is looking to revolutionize the market with his new-found passion in Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology.
A former Property Investment Consultant in a real estate investment company in the Philippines and was promoted as the Events and Marketing Executive where she became a trainer and speaker to business students, institutions and organizations.
Advisory, Blockchain Association of Ireland, Newpark
Maurice is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who worked in Fortune 500, Startups, and Management Consulting for 18 years. He is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Levels Consulting, a strategic consulting and advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token powered organizations. Maury’s advisory and consulting practice covers Asia, Europe, and Middle East Markets. Maury’s forte is in translating strategy into execution to develop and bring products to market. Expertise driving product strategy, go to market plans, and managing people. He developed his strategy based on building Unique, Scalable, and Profitable business model for all his clients (the USP methodology).