Daniel Lew

Daniel is passionate about Blockchain technology and IT, communications, marketing, software and business with 18 years combined experience. Daniel has been involved as a Crypto advisor and has seen the way the market has evolved over the years leading him to building MetaMorph.pro which he believes will be the next biggest thing in the crypto world.

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Co Founder & CEO

Other people

Name Description ICO Social
Tom is a Native digital technologist, biomedical engineer, social entrepreneur, passionate programmer, looking to solve society’s social issues through the application of technology
Angelo has had more than 2 decades working in the corporate sector including, technology, franchising and finance. Angelo currently holds several directorships in various successful businesses in the finance & insurance sector with experience over the years that includes Recruitment, Management Consultancy, Business Performance Growth Specialist
Hamish is an expert in branding, marketing and advertising with search placements and retargeting. His expertise will ensure MetaMorph.pro gets the recognition it deserves.
Marwan lives and breathes programming, his passion and love for being involved with software projects such as MetaMorph.pro is all driven by his willing to push through and adapt to technologies he is interested about. His speciality is Javascript and React
Ricky’s  a software developer, product creator and internet marketer. He has a very good knack for what works in today’s market and shares the same vision at MetaMorph.pro. Ricky will be helping in delivering the right messages to the right people via Webinars and advising where possible.