Bruce Porter

The American businessman who recognized as an expert in blockchain, cryptography, and social networks. CEO GlobalBoost, Senior Partner DC Translation, COO EmmeGirls. Included in the list of the top20 most influential people in the Blockchain.

Associated ICOs

Project Role
Blосkсhаіn and industry advisor
Executive Director of American Operations

Other people

Name Description ICO Social
IT technology entrepreneur and founder of international IT company "Take IT Easy". Creator of SAAS services that use AI: GoFocus, PiperCat, Webster University.
Investor relashions & Development Middle east Market
2+ years of experience as a project manager at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, founded by Roman Abramovich. Worked in active sales of a large russian bank. Graduated from the English-language faculty of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.
Entrepreneur | Blockchain Advisor | ICO Advisor | 23000+ Connections
Has more than 10 years of marketing, consulting and analytics experience. 5+ years of experience in managing the Internet marketing agency “RVR Project”. Successfully closed the $ 12.000.000 token sale for MARK.SPACE.