Atul Kshirsagar

Hands on architect with more than 17 years of experience in design, analysis, development and architecture of high performance and scalable enterprise applications. Open source developer contributing to Cloud Foundry open PaaS. Heavily involved in blockchain development and identifying appropriate business usecases. Hands on design and development expertise in JEE, OSGI and Spring applications. Expertise in JEE technologies like EJB, JMS, JSF and CDI. Expertise in Golang and PaaS domain. Expertise in designing and implementing RIA using JSF and RichFaces/Primefaces. In-depth knowledge and experience in software design methodologies, software design patterns (GOF) and object oriented design. Extensive experience in leading and managing a high performance team. Expertise in Storage and Ethernet network technologies. Experience in Agile/Iterative/SCRUM and waterfall development process. Effective communicator adept in building relationships with QA, PM and other cross functional teams. Technical skills: Java, Go, C, C++, Python, Perl, JEE, OSGI, REST, HTML, JSF, Angular JS, JQuery, RDBMS, NOSQL, iBatis, JPA, JMockit, TestNG, JUnit, Maven, Ant Domain: Storage Area Network, IP networking, PaaS

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Chief Architect

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20+ years of Silicon Valley experience
20+ years of Silicon Valley experience
Seasoned technical leader, with proven track record of building and delivering (hosted/shipped) best in class enterprise software. Experience in leading teams, small/large, onsite/offshore to deliver quality software and help them achieve their full potential. Well versed in latest development methodologies: agile, SDL (Secure development lifecycle), extreme programming, pair programming, TDD, BDD etc. Well versed with DevOps practices, hands on experience with tools such as Jenkins to enable fast paced development environment and fully automated deployment with zero down time (CI/CD). Deep expertise with cloud technologies (SaaS, PaaS & IaaS). Well versed with building products/platforms/services on the cloud using IaaS (AWS, Custom DC), PaaS (CloudFoundry). Strong background in building security services and products. Expertise with IAM (SSO, SAML, OAuth, OIDC), Encryption, PKI, Audit etc. Experienced in several Blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Hyperledger etc.). Well versed in smart contract and DApp development.
20 years in Healthcare services business. (Owner of Hiisight Inc and UMMC) 10 Years in Auto Services Business (Auto services Owner of Signature Choice Auto, Texan Auto) 20 Years in Healthcare technology