Alan Sorensen

Alan Sorensen is a Professor of Economics at University of Wisconsin and a Research Fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). Previously, Alan was an Associate Professor at Stanford University where he began publishing leading research articles on behavioral economics. His co-authored “Resale and Rent-Seeking: An Application to Ticket Markets” (with Phillip Leslie, 2014) remains the most widely-cited article on the subject and used by governments in policymaking worldwide; including UK’s Waterson review on consumer protection to ticket resale. Alan earned his Ph.D. from MIT.

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Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and Managing Partner of Hedge Fund Zilliard Capital. Successfully launched multiple projects across a wide spectrum of industries, including technology and financial space. Has experience in both private equity investments in early stage startups and portfolio management for institutional and bank clients.
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Zilliard Capital. Responsible for the strategic development of the company and for the development of the hedge fund and financial engineering strategy. Previously Vladimir worked with the legendary Bolshoi Theatre, dedicating a major part of his life to the worldwide promotion and popularization of Russian art.
Egor has 10+ years experience in programming applications for high frequency trading. He also specializes in mobile applications for financial institutions, as well as for other markets. Has experience in the development of high-load projects.
Possesses an expertise in consulting institutions on structuring financial transactions across all segments of debt and equity capital markets. Her experience in Ernst&Young was connected with delivering legal advisory services in connection with asset-based lending and structured finance involving traditional and exotic asset classes for leading investment banks and funds.