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I like that Paymium is...

3 Accepted

I like that Paymium is quite comfortable and simple exchange, also I like good userfriendly support. But the fees are too high for such an exchange.

Paymium 05 Jul 2019 via CryptoCompare

Can't think why would you...

1 Declined

Can't think why would you pick a single pair exchange over any other.

Paymium 28 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

Having only one pair is...

2 Accepted

Having only one pair is very limiting, unless you only want to trade between the 2 currencies it is a useless exchange. Even then, a exchange with mor... Read more

Paymium 25 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

Of the benefits, I found...

3 Accepted

Of the benefits, I found that support is stable and good, moreover, it's not so difficult to follow the exchange when only one pair of currencies... Read more

Paymium 23 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

What does this exchange offers...

1 Declined

What does this exchange offers that others don't again? Because the answer is nothing and with only 1 pair that makes it useless.

Paymium 13 May 2019 via CryptoCompare

Offering Euro Pair isn't enough...

1 Declined

Offering Euro Pair isn't enough to compensate the lack of... everything else.

Paymium 30 Apr 2019 via CryptoCompare

The fee is so high...

1 Accepted

The fee is so high that there is really no use on picking this exchange over any other, it's not the only one that offers BTC-EUR pair.

Paymium 19 Apr 2019 via CryptoCompare

I use this exchange for...

3 Declined

I use this exchange for several days. Some problems have already happened

Paymium 23 Mar 2019 via CryptoCompare

The fact that it only...

3 Accepted

The fact that it only has 1 pair is quite questionable for an "exchange", but Paymium makes it work pretty well.

Paymium 20 Mar 2019 via CryptoCompare

Really loved your services, quick...

3 Declined

Really loved your services, quick and painless. Stay strong!

Paymium 27 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

A really good way to...

3 Declined

A really good way to trade BTC to EURO. A pretty safe service that's really well thought out.

Paymium 21 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

Really nice service you got...

3 Declined

Really nice service you got here guys. Keep it up!

Paymium 19 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

Paymium offers a really great...

3 Accepted

Paymium offers a really great service for what it's worth. No top exchange per se, but good enough to use.

Paymium 12 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

Thank you Paymium for my...

3 Declined

Thank you Paymium for my starter experience, it was amazing. Definitively recommended.

Paymium 06 Feb 2019 via CryptoCompare

What an amazing exchange swapped...

4 Declined

What an amazing exchange swapped it as my 2nd exchange about 2 weeks ago not disapointed at all!

Paymium 31 Jan 2019 via CryptoCompare

I have participated in your...

5 Accepted

I have participated in your platform ICO and discovered Paymium through this. I hope you will succeed guys, at least in France!
There are not lots...
Read more

Paymium 30 Jan 2019 via CryptoCompare

Not the best of platforms,...

3 Accepted

Not the best of platforms, but also not the worst. They have room for improvement without a doubt tho.

Paymium 29 Jan 2019 via CryptoCompare

Used paymium for some time,...

3 Accepted

Used paymium for some time, and it was a really nice platform, but later, some bugs forced me to leave it.

Paymium 21 Jan 2019 via CryptoCompare

When i worked with Paymium,...

3 Accepted

When i worked with Paymium, i had a really pleasant experience. They have really low fees and a pretty good platform, which made trading easier and mo... Read more

Paymium 09 Jan 2019 via CryptoCompare

Nice platform! I have just...

5 Accepted

Nice platform! I have just tried Paymium and their new exchange in Beta test for the moment. That's nice to see a company working seriously with i... Read more

Paymium 03 Jan 2019 via CryptoCompare

Very good opinion on this...

5 Accepted

Very good opinion on this exchange. Fast support team and good advanced platform. The app is also simple to use

Paymium 18 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

I recommend to listen to...

5 Declined

I recommend to listen to the meetings of Pierre Noizat (CEO of this company):
Really interesting vision of the market and really serious exchange.

Paymium 13 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

Fast answer from the support....

5 Declined

Fast answer from the support. Thank you again for all the details and time to help me. Cheers!

Paymium 11 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

They have the potential, just...

3 Declined

They have the potential, just needs more volume to make the project work.

Paymium 05 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

Needs more volume and liquidity...

3 Accepted

Needs more volume and liquidity in order to surpass that "average exchange" label. Still decently functional.

Paymium 03 Dec 2018 via CryptoCompare

Paymium has a really good...

5 Accepted

Paymium has a really good potential with BCIO. The problem with this platform is the BTC trade volume but I have seen it growing those last months. Read more

Paymium 30 Nov 2018 via CryptoCompare

Paymium is a pretty good...

3 Accepted

Paymium is a pretty good exchange when it comes to security, but nothing else really excels. They need to upgrade their platform and add more pairs/to... Read more

Paymium 29 Nov 2018 via CryptoCompare

Paymium has really good security,...

3 Accepted

Paymium has really good security, aswell as a good and functioning platform. Have made quite the profit with them.

Paymium 27 Nov 2018 via CryptoCompare

As I have lost my...

5 Accepted

As I have lost my 2FA and have done their process to recover it, be sure that there is no chance to be hacked. Really secure and safe exchange, highly... Read more

Paymium 14 Nov 2018 via CryptoCompare

Great exchange ! Customer support...

5 Accepted

Great exchange ! Customer support is always here to answer your queries and help you through your trading experience. Plus, the exchange is 100% compl... Read more

Paymium 18 Sep 2018 via CryptoCompare

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