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My account is still freeze after Paxful sent a mail that they have unfreeze it

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I wanted to verify my account with my ID on Friday, 19th by 8:16pm, so because of darkness and shadow around the camera so it was not readable, I wasted almost 3 attempt before knowing that it was caused by shadow and darkness, then I waited till the next day, so mistakenly the ID was in a box with collection of it, without proper checking and maybe because I’m rushing too much which make me to upload a voters ID been already used by my sister instead of uploading my own ID which is my driver license but before I could cancel that it already gone, then I upload the right one immediately with the last attempt and it was approved. Please pardon me I won’t repeat it again, it was a mistake cause by too much of rushing and not paying proper attention. So today you send a mail that my account have been unfreeze and yet it’s still their been freeze by you after I summited the verification video you ask me to do, so later I was sent a mail that you’ve unfreeze the account but yet the freeze is still there and I can’t withdraw my funds, and I’m not getting messages from chase about my account again, and yet my account is still freeze
olaosun afees
23 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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