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If you dislike racism stay away! They have racist rules to verify your ID

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I did Some exchanges a few months back and truly liked the simplicity of the trade. despite the paxful site functions inaccessibility issues with the screenreaders I'm using. I went back today, to be shocked by the fact they've took all the good offers of your reach unless getting personal ID verified. I thought well OK since its a good step to avoid scammers and bad deals, So I went with the process to get electrocuted by a rule they have which is:No matter which country your resident in permanently if your nationality is one of their "banned nationality's"Your ID verification is banned as well. even if you have a permanent residency and live in one of they're "supported nationality countries" Still your ID is banned. I've told them in a reply to a support ticket to keep the change I left in my paxful wallet!I'm not opening any webpage with racist rules even if I have money their, until they change that discriminatory stinking rule. BTW, I have an approved verified ID with Paypal, transfirwize, and 2 EU banks and many other respected services just to make my point what's going on with paxful. All and all I'd advice all to stay away, And stay safeUpdate: reply to paxful's reply to my review, My country's is not under any sanctions its national revenue is deposited in the U.S plus I do have a pioneer freelancer account with a US bank IBAN to receive payments for years with no problim. and that company is by far bigger and has been in the market many years before paxful did, and amazon and ebay as well accept my contry's nationals dealings with their services, so your argument doesn't hold any water actually for the above reasons. .BTW, you should of blocked our signup process from the get go and not letting us do the high risk deals with the most shady offers on your platform without the ID verification and you know exactly what I mean. Anyway thanks for the reply, but still I don't appreciate the paxful platform rules.
Hareth alhamdany
24 Jun 2020 by Trustpilot

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