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Big hello from Bitcoin Bazis,...

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Big hello from Bitcoin Bazis, Hungary's leading crypto-news site.<br/><br/>We were planning to kickstart a webshop here in Hungary and becoming a distributing partner of Pandaminer. This was in 2017 summer. We were planning to give a visit them in Shenzen, since their company has been located there. We kept in touch with one of their representatives on WhatsApp, who was, to be honest, the worst we could ever get. Lack of proper English, lack of prompt communication and she wasn't able to answer even basic questions about their gear. <br/><br/>When we first saw their product, we basically fell in love with it - but the execution they have produced made very fast a foul game.<br/><br/>Another thorn is their pricing. In our opinion, it is disgusting to raise price while you promise to sell for XYZ amount. Their batch of B3+ in summer was selling for around 2200 USD which they raised in September to around 2700 USD. <br/><br/>And we haven't talked about the way they converted existing orders to a crappier version called B5+ because they could not get enough GPUs from their supplier in summer. Hey, hey Panda, wake up! You should send back the bitcoins or explain frankly to your customers to be patient, but you do not convert customer orders to some other product while the pricing of that is in your hand and you give a price to it as you want.<br/><br/>Oh, and we are not the only who complains about them - we know a distributor from Netherlands who had very similar issues.
03 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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