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The exchange is top of...

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The exchange is top of course, they constantly give out free money through the airdrop, on the YODA coin I was able to earn 0.1 bitcoin. it's more... Read more

P2PB2B 25 Apr 2020 via CryptoCompare

Very Very bad broker...

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Very Very bad broker...BTC Withdraw FEE 0.001 BTC and minimum Withdraw 0.002 BTCVery BAD Attention Please

P2PB2B 23 Mar 2020 via Trustpilot

Hey everyone

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Hey everyone, the greatest success that i've had on bitcoin trading investment was with expert Max Neil Li Lung (just google his management) definitel... Read more

P2PB2B 24 Jan 2020 via Trustpilot

Very good. I like it....

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Very good. I like it. But it not supports arabic. I hope they will support it one day because exchange is great and my english not so well.

P2PB2B 23 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

I definitely recommend this one....

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I definitely recommend this one. Very smooth, the support always responds on time with little to no delays. Impeccable design is a nice touch that mak... Read more

P2PB2B 23 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

Nice exchange with good rates....

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Nice exchange with good rates. New design very cool. Thanks!

P2PB2B 22 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

Dear support, I appreciate your...

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Dear support, I appreciate your work. Thanks a lot for solving my issues. Fast and great support!

P2PB2B 20 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

I'm really excited about this...

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I'm really excited about this exchange. High level of support and fast answers for any of the questions. Even when it's from FAQ. Good job, ke... Read more

P2PB2B 18 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

The support is super friendly...

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The support is super friendly and fast to respond, i wish i could say the same for the withdraw speeds witch are what prevents me for giving them a 5*... Read more

P2PB2B 16 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

A bit tricky at first...

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A bit tricky at first but really easy once you're acquainted with all the options available. You can do quite a lot without verification, and the... Read more

P2PB2B 15 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

Really professional exchange. Great level...

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Really professional exchange. Great level of support! And everything is quite clear for a new user.

P2PB2B 14 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

Top-tier simple design. It didn't...

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Top-tier simple design. It didn't take much time to adjust, and there are lots of coins and tokens to choose from. The site runs smoothly, and I d... Read more

P2PB2B 12 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

I recommend p2pb2b, it works...

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I recommend p2pb2b, it works fast, there are many coins and tokens, and the support team is very helpful !!!

P2PB2B 09 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

It`s a good exchange with...

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It`s a good exchange with the list of adventages, just come and check ;)

P2PB2B 09 Nov 2019 via CryptoCompare

The best exchange ever!
I recommend...

5 Accepted

The best exchange ever!
I recommend it.
It`s easy to use, there is a high trading volume and the support team is very helpful =D

P2PB2B 30 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

Very fast KYC process and...

5 Declined

Very fast KYC process and i like the support team. Thanks. Continue trade here

P2PB2B 27 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

in my opinion, p2pb2b is...

4 Declined

in my opinion, p2pb2b is simply an confortable exchange, than other^^

P2PB2B 26 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

I use P2PB2P near 2...

3 Declined

I use P2PB2P near 2 years and still satisfied

P2PB2B 26 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

This is the best exchange....

5 Declined

This is the best exchange. Recommended it!

P2PB2B 26 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

I suppose this is the...

4 Declined

I suppose this is the biggest and adequate crypto exchange in the Internet =)

P2PB2B 26 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

The good exchange!
Works fast and...

5 Declined

The good exchange!
Works fast and smoothly, there is a long list of coins and tokens, that`s cool!

P2PB2B 25 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

Hello everyone. Just came to...

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Hello everyone. Just came to say that you r doing good job.

P2PB2B 19 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

Fast and smooth exchange...

5 Accepted

Fast and smooth exchange =)
The volume is high here - great!!!

P2PB2B 15 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

I like this exchange, it...

5 Accepted

I like this exchange, it works fast, and the Support team replies immediately.
Good job =D

P2PB2B 14 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

Really simple website. Its easy...

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Really simple website. Its easy to find everything there.

P2PB2B 05 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

the best euro exchange. fast,...

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the best euro exchange. fast, good customer service and very low fees.

P2PB2B 02 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

The exchange is super fast,...

5 Accepted

The exchange is super fast, super easy. I trade a lot, this is my only source of income and I am totally serious about concentrating all my activities... Read more

P2PB2B 01 Oct 2019 via CryptoCompare

Love their new listings. The...

5 Declined

Love their new listings. The best exchange with lots of coins.

P2PB2B 30 Sep 2019 via CryptoCompare

One of the best exchange!...

5 Accepted

One of the best exchange! Thanks for this. I very like BCH and XRC trade. Love it....

P2PB2B 29 Sep 2019 via CryptoCompare

among the best exchanges when...

5 Declined

among the best exchanges when it comes to technical support

P2PB2B 28 Sep 2019 via CryptoCompare

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