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P2PB2B is becoming more convenient...

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P2PB2B is becoming more convenient and beneficial with its community token and other interesting features. And it's definitely cool🔥Ԃ... Read more

P2PB2B 23 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

P2PB2B released a lot of...

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P2PB2B released a lot of interesting features like Earning and Stacking with PACT. Great to see them growing and constantly developing!

P2PB2B 16 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

Love trading there! Very convenient...

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Love trading there! Very convenient exchange! And P2PB2B support team is a top🔝

P2PB2B 02 Feb 2021 via CryptoCompare

Last week P2PB2B launched its...

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Last week P2PB2B launched its native token - PACT. And I have already got 100 PACT tokens for free :)

P2PB2B 28 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

P2PB2B Team is great! Helped...

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P2PB2B Team is great! Helped a lot when I needed the most! Satisfied with the service!

P2PB2B 26 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

The recent days I have...

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The recent days I have learned that P2PB2B launched their native token - PACT. I went through the information regarding this project, and it seems to... Read more

P2PB2B 22 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

The recent days P2PB2B has...

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The recent days P2PB2B has launched 2 token sale sessions. Very excited about the projects that are listed on the exchange. Also, I'm grateful to... Read more

P2PB2B 18 Jan 2021 via CryptoCompare

I tested the P2PB2B platform...

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I tested the P2PB2B platform for trading and was very satisfied with the results of my tests. It's very comfortable and cool. And with the recent... Read more

P2PB2B 23 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

Scam scam P2pb2b

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Scam scam scam, i have never seen bad exchange like p2pb2b exchange , p2pb2b team not professional just scammers team, alert dont invest

P2PB2B 19 Dec 2020 via Trustpilot

P2pb2b.io totally scam dont invest…

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P2pb2b.io totally scam dont invest never, be aware from scammers team, bad supports

P2PB2B 19 Dec 2020 via Trustpilot

The recent days P2PB2B services...

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The recent days P2PB2B services are becoming better and better. Last month they updated their website's interface and it made navigating and tradi... Read more

P2PB2B 14 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

I had a problem with...

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I had a problem with KYC verification and contacted the P2PB2B team asking for help. They consulted me regarding my issues and provided some tips that... Read more

P2PB2B 08 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

Scam scam scam dont invest nothing

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P2PB2B 08 Dec 2020 via Trustpilot

I'm registered on P2PB2B not...

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I'm registered on P2PB2B not so long ago (probably for 3-4 months), still I'm quite satisfied with the services they provide. I heard a lot of... Read more

P2PB2B 02 Dec 2020 via CryptoCompare

Another review after being flagged by Trustpilot

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As I wrote in my previous review that was flagged for some reasons by the Trustpilot team (or probably by some people from here), the P2PB2B team has... Read more

P2PB2B 01 Dec 2020 via Trustpilot

Great cryptocurrency exchange

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Great cryptocurrency exchange. User-friendly website and fast-responsive customer support. I had some issues related to KYC verification. And P2PB2B s... Read more

P2PB2B 26 Nov 2020 via Trustpilot

I learned about the P2PB2B...

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I learned about the P2PB2B platform from the advertisement about trading competition. Of course, I decided to visit their website and became intereste... Read more

P2PB2B 24 Nov 2020 via CryptoCompare

Another scam company run by a dishonest…

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Another scam company run by a dishonest team. I made an huge deposit amount of money after reading good reviews about them and when it got to the poin... Read more

P2PB2B 11 Nov 2020 via Trustpilot

My P2PB2B review

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I'm currently using P2PB2B for trading and investing in some major coins. And for now, I haven't experienced any critical issues. Everything is great... Read more

P2PB2B 09 Nov 2020 via Trustpilot

P2PB2B is cool

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P2PB2B is cool, I just made some real nice profit here and decided to post this review.I make a lot more on Binance but P2PB2B is giving me some x3 pr... Read more

P2PB2B 07 Nov 2020 via Trustpilot

I found out about this...

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I found out about this exchange on a p2pb2b review from some informational portal. And after reading it, I decided to check myself how everything actu... Read more

P2PB2B 03 Nov 2020 via CryptoCompare

I really don't know how to say this but…

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I really don't know how to say this but you are assured a good results from Mrs Jennifer Michael she is a trustworthy trader and you will recover back... Read more

P2PB2B 31 Oct 2020 via Trustpilot

They will trick you with soft words

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They will trick you with soft wordsSincerely they are bad,all the managers here are scam. get back your refund with the help of Mrs (carolpauline)330... Read more

P2PB2B 16 Oct 2020 via Trustpilot


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I had the displeasure of working with the P2PB2B Team. At first glance they seemed all organized and professional and once the payment was made all th... Read more

P2PB2B 09 Oct 2020 via Trustpilot

they are thief

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P2PB2B 05 Oct 2020 via Trustpilot

Nothing is as good as dealing with the…

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Nothing is as good as dealing with the right person thanks so much Mrs Pauline, I will forever be grateful for your help, email her (carolpauline330)a... Read more

P2PB2B 03 Oct 2020 via Trustpilot

Recently P2PB2B had an airdrop....

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Recently P2PB2B had an airdrop. I've got mine reward, thank you very much!

P2PB2B 28 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

I have been working on...

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I have been working on this platform a lot. Of course, I had some little issues, but in general, I can say that it is not bad. Sometimes they respond... Read more

P2PB2B 16 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

I'm here to tell you...

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I'm here to tell you my opinion about the exchange. So, the interface is simple and understandable. An exchange has a huge community, but there ar... Read more

P2PB2B 14 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

Not bad. I faced the...

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Not bad. I faced the issue with the deposit once registered, but the guys from support team help quickly enough. 4,5

P2PB2B 11 Sep 2020 via CryptoCompare

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