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Honestly, the best.

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Honestly, I am hard pressed to find a more comfortable and easy place to wager.Yes, they have a welcome package and it is a good one.Yes, their machines are fair. And success is not limited.But here is what puts them apart to me:1. Your money is your money. You won it, take it out if you want. I have never had an issue. The other day, I loaded about 20 euros worth of ETH coin. I was playing and won 2 ETH (about 400 euros) bonus on the slot I was playing. I did the cashout process and there wasn't even a question. This happens every time, large or small...I have never had that experience at any other casino or at least if they did, then they follow up with spam and annoying offers while I am playing.2. No spam. They don't even send a reminder of their daily reload bonuses. I get confirmation emails of activity on my account, but there are no bait and switch junk offers or absurdly titled "easy bonus" things where a place offers you 300% for 50x wagering. You are left to make your choices as an adult and no soliciting is done.3. The options to fund are amazingly large. They do several currencies, BTC and ETH and a variety of ways to get the fiat monies to them and back to you. I make note of this because several casinos offer multiple methods but they are often one rapid choice and a couple others that are fee based or obscure.These guys offer Skrill, Netelller, etc. Virtual funds that let you move and send your money immediately with security and confidence.4. Customer service is amazing. Ever have a chat box talk down to you? Won't happen here. This is the most comfortable environment for me due to this. If I have a question, I am able to ask it and have it easily answered. There is a tone to the dialogue that is friendly, as if you called up someone you know and asked them. 5. Simplicity. It is the best thing about it. The layout is clean and clear, the process is understood by anyone. There are no flashy annoying ads, there are no terms and conditions that make your eyes roll into the back of your head. It is simple to navigate and loads well and plays well.6. The game selection is worth noting, truly. They have games that are not often found. They play fair and clean. Beyond that, when you are browsing the games, they clearly put the RTP and other data in the mouseover, so you see it before you click in to play. You can also sort all of the games by RTP and other choices.I really like Oshi casino, I have no idea why everyone doesn't play there, unless they haven't heard about it. For an online business that involves cash, you will not find another place more comfortable or kind or exciting, They let you be an adult and choose your own way through leaving all options open to all comers.I know this is long, so in case you are wondering: No, I do not work for them. I do, however, do data forensics and statistical analysis as a career. All over the world I get sent and it is my life (no, it is not as amazing as it sounds, but it does have perks) and I do enjoy the wagering online as a method of entertainment as well as it reaches that part of me that enjoys the maths and stats involved. I spent many months and a chunk of money wading through casinos. Most are trash, really. Some are ok. Of the OK ones, you still have issues if you are not laying out big money and lose out of many of their features. Same with the ones who offer those obscene offers of 400x your deposit (do not ever use those, they are a gimmick and you have just greatly reduced your chances to profit)...if you aren't depositing frequently, then you lose out of many of their offers. Those places were terrible. It is a giant ball of emotional blackmail.Then I found Oshi's....they are now my casino online. There is nothing that I want that they do not offer and is the same for anyone who has common sense and wants to have some fun unhindered.So go try them out, be responsible in your wagering and have fun.
17 Aug 2019 by Trustpilot

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