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Did not pay 0.45000000 Bitcoin.

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It took me time to actually decide to write this review after giving them 5 stars in the first review. Now I am giving them 1 star though if there is an option for a 0 star I'd definitely choose to have that. Let's make it short and precise. When I signed up I got verified and after depositing and wagering, I got paid $50 in full. Now come months of being a not so regular player. I won 0.45 bitcoin and they came up with an excuse of IP address issues and so on and so forth. You know the usual casino excuse just not to pay. When you cash out small amount you get paid and you're a verified customer but when you do cash out big amount, there comes the horror stories of coming up with different excuses etc. IP Address what the ??? my country uses Dynamic Host Protocol where IP address are recycled. I don't know who the hell did I have the same IP address but how can I believe that when they don't even want me to see their proof. Guys, do not play here. This site will not pay you if you win big. If you wanna get paid just make sure you'll only withdraw small amounts. Trust me been there done that. Almost half of a bitcoin was not paid to me though for God's sake never did I cheat nor hack their system ( as if its possible for me to do that ). All I know is I click spin and that is all.Just because I win big then they try to look for flaws that they can use so you wouldn't get paid. I got my own evidences of contradicting emails from them. They even emailed me 2 different reasons on set and promised me to have to wait 24 hours to get paid. Then in a few minutes received a decision of not getting paid. Their support are all a waste of time not to mention their very rude support people. I wonder why they were called support? Oh I forget to mention they actually were not employed by themselves but they were chat support from BGaming so in short they handle different casinos online powered by BGaming and they can't even tell which is which. Only the managers can tell but hey they don't reply. Stay away from this.Nick Garner was a good friend of mine but unfortunately he already resigned as the CEO before I even get scammed by this shameful online casino. You were forewarned. Stay safe!
Virgilia Pulga
22 Mar 2020 by Trustpilot

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