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It has many good things but they have…

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It has many good things but they have also many things to improve.1) The deposit methods for FIAT money are very restricted, specially for people who have European permanent legal resident(nowadays millions ), you can only use bank transfer cause they look only at origin nationality (although you are legal resident for decades in Europe with all the bank tools in EUR ),no possible to use credit card for deposit(European citizen can use it).This only happens here,cause Coinbase and many exchanges allow to use credit card without problem.Besides,when you want deposit EUR via Bank wire transfer,they give you a British bank account ??but you want to make a SEPA transfer cause you send EUR,but they give you a British account to send ¿¿pounds?? I think they have to analyze better this matter cause in this way people don’t going to make deposits.2) On the other side,they have messy promotions,they have all together and many times you don’t know what of them works .3) The strong point are the low commissions on the withdrawal of BTC and BCH.This is a great point.
22 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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