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How is this such a popular website and…

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How is this such a popular website and no one has reported what they're really doing??? scamming the world and making victims. I found out the jig only after losing 100.000€ trying to buy bitcoins on their platform... I made payment and they claimed to not have received it, however my bank confirmed that the transaction was completed!! This is not good at all and we need to get justice! I made reports to all the agencies, authorities and regulators I could think of I got the same response from all of them, "We will take your report into consideration, when we get more information, we will be able to investigate" What happened to investigating out right... I was not having it and I needed to get my money back so I went looking for private firms and found swiftrecoveryus; this was the only company that was able to help me out and successfully get my money back.... Please if you have been scammed by OKcoin, complain to swiftrecoveryus
Nasod Tingo
20 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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