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Horrible Company!!

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Horrible Company!!! with very unprofesional customer service Team!!!I created an account almost 4 weeks ago. they gave me KFC 2 level verification, but didn't have an option to deposite. they were requiering for that Video Call only with Skype. I arranged Skype account extra for that case and made Video Verification, afterwords they still did't unblock my account. Customer service representative in live chat was claiming that it happaned because of my age ("age limit police") I had no Idea about it before. Verification team even clocked me in Skype! If they were not planing to give me an payment option because of my age, i'm 68 years old (which they knew through my dokuments, what I've sent them 3 weeks ago) why they still forced me to do Video Call ??? I've never heard such an unprofesional behavior before, and I totally not recomend this Company to anybody! there are several really good Crypto platforms BUT NEVER make a decicion to deal with OKCOIN!
Fritz Mueller
12 Dec 2019 by Trustpilot

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