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Nitrogen Poker is a total scam. Impossible to win no matter how good a player you are it's full of bots but even when a few legit players are at the table, the algorithm is set up in a very funny way, i.e. the person who managed to win the opponent (and especially if that player is in position) will be getting non-stop better cards, i.e. AKvAQ, A10vK10, like no joke. Thus, the only way to break the cycle is to outplay that player; however, it is essentially impossible to do so and especially to outplay bots as they know your cards and will try to overbet you no giving a chance to see the full cards (turn/river) as EV is just not there to call. Ultimately, one can play for hours and see the same cycle going on and on and on. The dispersion is kinda compensated by showing you a really absolutely out of touch cards, i.e. say player is given 10/4 off (like how many times you are gonna play it on average) and then the flop will be 10/4/10 (but obviously you will not be in a hand). Forget about hitting something legit with normal cards if algorithm is not set up in your favour. (And Im not even mentioning here all the jokerstars rivers). Thus, all in all, this type of behaviour is literally the reason why online poker and poker in general is just dead nowadays
21 Apr 2018 by CryptoCompare

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