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Two stars because at least you can get paid something for the wasted electricity.

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I see mining calculators that list Nichash as higher pay rate for the 2070 super. I know payrate changes based on algorithm and price of coin that time of day etc. somehow I made as much with a 2060 super GPU compared to a 2070 super GPU with a 3900x CPU. So if they are the same why not just mine ETH with a mining pool? It seems NiceHash is the only one benefiting from profit switching. Secondly when I am awarded x amount of Bitcoin as a payout why does the amount of btc go down when the price goes up but it doesn’t go up when the price is down?? If you are part of a pool then at least pay me my share and not give me some floating imaginary number. You can’t pay me .0087 eth and then take it back when the price goes up that’s not how a payout works. Obviously the people using your service are hobbyist or oblivious to math. On top of all this you set the withdrawal for btc so high you have to keep the coin in the NiceHash wallet for a longer time compared to other mining pools. You got a great racket. Mining pools are all rackets but NiceHash = Masterclass in Trickscammering.
Nick Taylor
17 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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