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Selfish people with negative reviews

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The XRP liquidation and interest complaints are truly scary and funny im not sure which it is anymore.First off, who the hell do you think you are to ONLY think for yourself in a loan contract ? Who do you think gave you the inflated USDT coin ? It's me and others who deposited it for interest, thats who. Do you know what many people including me think about XRP ? It seems like a scam just not proven yet and the moment i heard its sued by SEC i think its going to 0.00 $. If it were me i would've sold your whole bag right after the news to cover my lending. What if your XRP went to 0 ? How the hell will you pay back my USDT when you went full scale into it? I didn't take XRP risk why would i be subjected to getting my USDT lost because of you people holding XRP.Secondly, why went full into XRP again after taking out a loan, double the risk? Why didn't you sell your credit into whatever else to repay the loan and instead just stand there and watch it happened ? some of you said you heard the news then tried to pay the loan back in XRP ? Why didn't you sell that XRP thing wherever you bought it from for ltc/usd... then send back for loan repayment ? Its not like NEXO blocked all transfer channels, just XRP for regulation purpose. If all of it is already inside NEXO that makes it about 3:1 collateral vs loan i don't see how it can goes too bad even with 75% price down...? liquidation happens at 80%.There's also those people expecting to receive interest on collaterals lol. Pay back the loan first.I feel sorry for those losing it big time but unfortunately its no one else's fault but your own for not selling your credit back into your loan or borrowing the max credit line on super risky asset like XRP. However i got to say you cant pass your stupid risk to people like me, the lenders whos having fiats for 8% in NEXO. Should've sold it for the ltc or whatever that can be transferred fast back to loan.Cold hard verifiable truth that you can't deny.Tip me if you find it useful.(trc20 nofee) USDT: TQVM9eY9U3UjwXp7hhZm4uquoVZG87gMFW
10 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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