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How Recruiters Can Use Technology for Remote Hiring During the Pandemic?

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After the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is following the social distancing to stop further spreading of the virus. Employees are now working from home, and all the business communications are happening online. As a consequence, hiring and recruiting new candidates has become a cumbersome task.

Although HR managers occasionally recruited employees through virtual interviews over the phone or video conferencing, they again interviewed them in person. In this situation, they can’t communicate with the candidates personally in a close physical setting, so it’s difficult for the recruiters. However, recruiters can use technology to overcome this challenge. If you want to know how to do it, stay with me till the end.

Use Technology for Remote Hiring

Before the pandemic, employers use different job portals or their official sites to post the job openings and call the applicants for an interview. However, it’s not the same situation now; you have to find an alternative. Here are the four crucial steps you can follow for talent acquisition during the pandemic.

  • Prepare an effective recruitment marketing strategy.
  • Review your applicant tracking system
  • Use virtual interviewing technology.
  • Provide support for a remote work environment

The above four steps can help recruiters to hire the top talents for their company with technology. Now let’s understand each of the above steps in detail.


Prepare an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy-

First of all, recruiters need to understand that they need to acquire talents within the shortest time possible. It’s not an excellent way to use the same recruitment marketing strategy used before the pandemic.

Here, the employer must use the team to explore the contingent workforce sources and offer candidates to apply online. It’s a quick recruitment process, so you should reduce the position and quickly hire to bring the employee on board.


Review Your Applicant Tracking System-

Next, you need to review your applicant tracking system. As you can’t interview the applicants in person, you need to check the applicant tracking carefully. It will help you screen potential talents from the list of applicants that can bring good results to your business.

If you need, you can collaborate with the right ATS partner to hire based on your requirement. Although very few companies are using blockchain technology for the application process to get the applicant’s data. Some info about Blockchain Technology might be found through bitcoin profitapp and adapt for the future.


Use Virtual Interviewing Technology-

The coronavirus effect has forced businesses to operate everything remotely. Now recruiters are also working remotely, and they have to use virtual interviewing technology to recruit new candidates. Face to face interview and group discussions have now entirely been replaced by online interviews. While some employers do not need much recruitment in this pandemic, other companies need to recruit more people to quickly run their business.

As a result, HR managers need to use video conferencing technology for interviewing new talents to their organization. That’s why video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and other apps have become the most demanding tools for recruitment processes.


Provide Support for a Remote Work Environment-

Finally, it’s not only about recruiting new talents to your company; you have to support them with the remote work environment. The virus taught a lesson to everyone that we have undervalued the importance of technologies for remote working. It is critical to train people remotely and invest in an agile system solution to provide an effective work environment.


Closing Thoughts

Following the above steps can help employers for the recruitment of new talents is essential in the pandemic. As a recruiter, you need to be more careful during the recruitment process in this situation.

As mentioned above, you need to take care of the recruitment marketing strategy, carefully track the application system, and use video interviewing technology effectively. Hopefully, the above information has helped you understand how to use technology to recruit in the pandemic.

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