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Different employment opportunities related to BitCoin

The information provided on this website and in this article does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the website's content as such. ICORating.com does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Note: this is a guest post.

Different employment opportunities related to BitCoin

Humans have been developed a lot from the time of the barter system to the brand-new concept of cryptocurrencies. The first cryptocurrency developed was Bitcoin, and the developers of this currency are still unknown. This currency is decentralized and expanded all over the world; no organization has any control on the currency. As any government or company cannot govern it, it makes this currency more safe and reliable. 

Network nodes verify the transaction between the Bitcoin, and it is recorded by a distributed ledger, which is called the blockchain. This blockchain tells us that who is the owner of the currency is, and when someone wants to exchange the coin, the ownership is changed in the blockchain. This currency is a reward for mining the Bitcoin. Mining here means when we use the power of our computers to store the records. Coins are protected by a cryptographic hash so that no other person can break into it. Bitcoin has changed the whole economic scenario of the world; it opened several job opportunities.

Now we know the basics of Bitcoin as per bitcoin aussiesystem, let's discuss how it has opened several jobs: -

  • Business Development: - CryptoCurrency has made new business opportunities in several fields like finance and real estate, etc. There is always a need for a Business promoter, but you would not sell any other investment element you would be promoting a currency. If an agency wants to hire or employ a business development, the prime requirement would be a degree related to a financial analyst. You should know how every global element can change the face of currency. So if you like to play with the number and you are good at selling, this job is for you. 


  • Journalist: - There are still people who do not know anything about cryptocurrencies and BitCoin. You can be the person who imparts knowledge through blogs or papers. If you go for a job in this in any company, they may demand a degree in journalism and communication. So if you know about cryptocurrencies, you can earn money by imparting this knowledge.


  • Machine Learning: - As soon as this currency was introduced, the biggest danger was that if someone hacks it and takes all the coins. So it opens a place for an expert who helps you to transfer the currency securely. A machine learning engineer helps you to set up an interface that securely exchanges the payments. The engineer should have a high-level degree in computer science; he should also know languages like Python and SQL. So if you have to skill to program and have an interest in Bitcoin, this job is for you.


  • Web Developer: - BitCoin has opened a place of web developers to write and maintain the code, of course, in the format of smart contracts. These smart contracts allow people to make transactions without any third platform. Some of the common languages used by web developers are JavaScript, React, Solidity, and Python. So if you are a web developer, this job is suitable for you.


  • Tech Writer: - Companies that make new cryptocurrencies need a technical writer often to promote their currency through blogs or websites. All you need is a basic knowledge of blockchain technology and good writing skills. Suppose you have any marketing or digital writing experience that can provide you with a good pay scale. So don't let go of this job opportunity if you are a content writer.    
  • Security of the currency: - One of the biggest disadvantages of BitCoin is that your currency can easily be hacked. This opens a job for a person who can build a system to exchange the payment securely. Above, we mentioned a machine learner whose main job is to build an application note that security architect job is to ensure the secured exchange of the payment. 

BitCoin’s concept is still naïve to most of the people; it is simply a currency decentralized all over the world. Cryptocurrency is now being used for many services, so it still needs some guidance and security. This opens great job opportunities, which can offer you a high income, so if you know about BitCoin, you can have a great pay scale.   


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