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Blackmoon and FintechSauce Partnered for ETx Investment Vehicles

Blackmoon and FintechSauce Partnered for ETx Investment Vehicles

Blackmoon and FintechSauce came together in a strategic partnership to devise exchange-traded index (ETx) products that are fungible to simultaneously trade for profit. Providing a complete retinue of ‘innovative ETX’s’ is the absolute goal of the partnership. The ETx will be backtested to track FintechSauce offerings.

A “security token offering increases in value when the STO ‘supports’ an abounding and liquid market, regardless if the product and all that surrounds it is not ‘as high a quality as its competitors,” states Blackmoon and FintechSauce in their joint press release.

Liquidity determines the chances of success for the investor. And speculators are necessary to achieve liquidity. Awareness that investments can be closed ‘without an impact to price’ is a crucial risk barometer when making investment decisions. Without liquidity, an STO will either fail or have partial success.

Exchange Traded Index

Blackmoon, established in 2014, is a financial services firm with a goal to ‘create and maintain’ the finest framework for tokenized investments. The ETx issued by the company incentivizes market participants by providing fungible financial investment vehicles. The arbitrage for profit will amplify an STO’s offers and bid counts to generate a balanced price.

FintechSauce Investment Advisory offers fintech solutions to help clients accomplish token generation events. The company will assist Blackmoon in building ‘investment products that will bring financial success to people,’ says Anastasia Nizhegorodtceva, Associate Director of FintechSauce.

‘Blackmoon and FintechSauce share a vision… We are eager to release the FintechSauce ETx products as soon as possible to offer this amazing investment opportunity to eligible investors globally.’

– Moshe Joshua, Chief Product Officer at Blackmoon

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