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New Releases: Remme And Tezos

New Releases: Remme And Tezos

Remme and Tezos have officially launched their releases on testnet and mainnet respectively.

Remme (REM) is building an open source distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol with a set of dApps. The protocol enables no-password authentication for users and devices. The project raised $17.6 million in its initial coin offering on February 2018.

The sidechain testnet release, launched on September 12, is available at:

The Tezos (XTZ) seed protocol is based on a proof-of-stake system and supports Turig smart contracts. Tezos is considered to be a generic and self-amending crypto ledger. It is implemented in OCaml, a functional programming language. The project raised $232 million in an initial coin offering in July 2017.

The mainnet release, launched on September 17, is available at:

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