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ICORating Client UBEX Releases Alpha Version of Blockchain Ad Platform #promo

ICORating Client UBEX Releases Alpha Version of Blockchain Ad Platform #promo

Blockchain advertising exchange UBEX released an alpha version of their platform for publishers and showcased the results of their artificial intelligence market prediction software.

In a press release shared with ICORating, UBEX staff revealed that the company has finished work on an alpha version of a publisher dashboard, a reports and statistics section, and ad creation functionality.

UBEX is a global, decentralized advertising exchange that connects advertisers and publishers through a fusion of neural networks, AI, and blockchain operated by smart contracts. The company aims to create a world-spanning advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust and maximum efficiency, in which all industry stakeholders can benefit from the power of AI and blockchain-based technology.

According to UBEX, their ready-working Publisher Dashboard allows the company’s publishing partners to view income over different periods of time, view data on demographics and engagement, and compare data across different web properties connected to one publisher.

UBEX Reports enables publishers to view detailed statistics, including numbers of ad views, earnings per thousand views, the number of ad clicks by users, the percentage of ads seen by site visitors, and breakdowns by device, geography, and demographic.

The alpha version is also able to create an ad network code that enables ad placement on a publisher's website. Publishers can choose appropriate formats for advertisements for their sites. When selecting an adaptive format, the system will select and display a banner to fit any screen.

In late July, the company showcased the first successful trials of its ad market AI software, predicting the results of a sample of marketing data with an accuracy of 91.6 percent. This successful trial proved the effectiveness of using neural networks to determine ad placements and laid the foundations for future development and improvement. 

In August, the company further improved results by using gradient boosting techniques for balancing marketing data and built a prediction model which delivered an AUC increase from a previous 0.7 to a result of 0.9 obtained in August.

UBEX’s launch of its alpha version is only the latest in a series of notable achievements. The company reached its soft cap funding goal of 4000 ETH just one day after launching their initial coin offering (ICO). In June, UBEX revealed that they had been accepted to the Nvidia Inception Program, Nvidia’s own incubator for AI and deep learning startups.

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