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New Token Listings: SyncFab and Crypviser

New Token Listings: SyncFab and Crypviser

Trading pairs of initial coin offering (ICO) projects SyncFab (MFG) and Crypviser (CVCOIN) were listed on several different cryptocurrency exchanges on July 17.

SyncFab (MFG), which creates a peer-to-peer manufacturing supply chain and incentivized token system adapted for public and private blockchains, raised $13 million in an initial coin offering. Cryptocurrency exchange BitForex listed MFG/USDT and MFG/ETH trading pairs on July 17.

Crypviser (CVCOIN), a blockchain-based communication App with its own cryptocurrency, raised $4.0 million in an initial token offering. HitBTC listed CVCOIN/ETH, CVCOIN/BTC, and CVCOIN/USDT trading pairs on July 16.

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