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ICORating Announces Strategic Collaboration with Ethfinex

ICORating Announces Strategic Collaboration with Ethfinex

ICORating is excited to announce a strategic collaboration with Bitfinex subsidiary Ethfinex.

Cryptocurrency exchange Ethfinex allows users to trade a wide range of ERC20 tokens against ETH or USD and provides a discussion forum for traders, developers, and enthusiasts to share information, reviews and opinions about various digital assets.

Ethfinex is a subsidiary of Bitfinex, the fifth largest crypto exchange in the world by 24-hour trading volume.

ICORating is the market’s foremost independent blockchain rating agency. Our rating methodology objectively evaluates ICO projects at every level, with the ultimate aim of determining possible risks and opportunities for investors. Over 30 crypto funds and market leading exchanges receive our monthly rating assessments.

The new collaboration will combine strengths from both companies with the aim of creating transparency and value in the market. More details about this collaboration are coming soon, so stay tuned!

06 Jul 2018

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