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ICO Roadmap Updates: SONM, Enigma Catalyst, and OriginTrail

ICO Roadmap Updates: SONM, Enigma Catalyst, and OriginTrail

Initial coin offering (ICO) projects SONM (SNM), Enigma Catalyst (ENG), and OriginTrail (TRAC) have announced major product releases.

SONM (SNM), a platform that provides computing power for real world applications from CGI rendering to scientific computations, raised $42 million in its initial offering. The company announced the release of its livenet on June 30.

Through the Enigma Catalyst (ENG) platform, traders to develop quantitative strategies while investors put capital toward the best traders, enabling anyone to open their own crypto hedge fund. Enigma raised $45 million during its public sale. The company announced the release of their testnet on June 30.

OriginTrail (TRAC), a protocol that enables seamless data sharing along any supply chain, raised $22.5 million from its ICO. The company launched its public testnet on June 29.

03 Jul 2018

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