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ICO Roadmap Updates: QuarkChain, LALA World, and Ontology

ICO Roadmap Updates: QuarkChain, LALA World, and Ontology

Initial coin offering (ICO) projects QuarkChain (QKC), LALA World (LALA), and Ontology (ONT) have announced major product releases.

QuarkChain (QKC), a peer-to-peer transactional system that aims to achieve millions of transactions per second, raised $20 million in its initial offering. QuarkChain’s Testnet 1.0, called “Bottom Quark,” officially launched on July 7.

LALA World (LALA), an Ecosystem for the migrants and their unbanked families, raised $20.2 million during its public sale. The LALA World Wallet app is officially live in India as of July 9.

Ontology (ONT), a public multi-chain project and distributed trust collaboration platform, released a live version of its app ONTO on July 10.

11 Jul 2018

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